Fruity & tropical

We specialise in fruity and topical scents. A unique balance of scents that provides everyone with a sense of tranquility. We would also like to use this space to promote mental health awareness. It is scientifically proven that scents can elevate our mood and ultimately lead to increased positivity.

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Looking for something that's fruity and tropical?

Look no further, we specialise in fruity and tropical scents. With that being said, of course we love ourselves some bougie scented candles which is why you're able to find various types of scents on out site!

  • Natural Wax

    We only utilise 100% natural coconut wax. Coconut wax lasts longer and has a cleaner burn as compared to regular wax. It also has a superior hot and cold throw.

  • No Paraben and Phthalate

    Making sure that our products are paraben and phthalate free is definitey tough but fortunately, we were eventually able to source them.

  • No Toxin

    Our wax does not contain any toxic chemicals including formaldehyde ━ which are carcinogenic that are released when you burn a certain type of wax.

  • Blend of Fragrances

    We undergo thorough and meticulous testing to curate a special blend of essential and fragrance oil unique to our shop.